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The Gentle Divorce Dustin Stucki Family Law Attorney and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist A Complete Divorce Solution:  Less TIME, Less MONEY, and Less TRAUMA We focus on helping parents and couples in the Sacramento and Foothill areas who are going through a divorce, and looking for a kinder, gentler, less expensive way to divide up their lives, while minimizing the impact on their children.  Our goal is to minimize the emotional, relational, and financial stress of divorce. Divorce Mediation Divorce is always hard on parents and children as they cope with the monumental change in their lives.  But this change does not have to be traumatic,  There is a compassionate, less harmful way to get divorced - Divorce Mediation. Mediation services bring spouses together for a series of meetings to work out a divorce agreement.  This arrangement is called a Marital Settlement Agreement.  It includes agreements on child custody and visitation, co-parenting issues, child support, spousal support (alimony), future child rearing costs, and division of property and/or debts.  The mediator acts as a calming neutral third party, who knows the law, and understands relationships. Mediation can facilitate the creation of a fair and equitable Marital Settlement Agreement. The Marital Settlement Agreement is filed, along with other required divorce papers and court forms.  With a Marital Settlement Agreement, there won’t have to be a lengthy, expensive and volatile trial.  Divorce statistics show that in comparison to litigation, divorce mediation costs much less than a trial and is completed much faster. Benefits of a Mediated Divorce Divorce is not an ideal situation. But when it is inevitable, mediation makes emotional and financial sense.  A mediated agreement can take advantage of the tax code - saving many $1000's Only one court filing fee is needed - saving $435 Attorneys are usually not needed - saving many $1000's No need for public trials and hearings - potentially saving years and $10,000’s You maintain a working relationship with your ex-spouse - minimizing the emotional damage on you and your children How The Gentle Divorce Can Help The combination of my legal education and therapeutic knowledge allow me to work with both spouses to facilitate a fair and equitable Marital Settlement Agreement.  The Gentle Divorce will also provide support and guidance to gather and file the remaining divorce papers.  We provide the service of process and notarization of the court documents you need to get a divorce in Sacramento and the Foothill areas.  We strive to offer a complete divorce solution. You don’t have to be in total agreement to begin divorce mediation.  In fact, you don’t have to agree on anything to start the process.  As long as you are willing to come together and communicate your goals, you will be surprised by how much you will accomplish.  Contact us for free brochures, a free phone consultation, we can also setup an in person consultation (cost $100) and find out how divorce mediation can help you and your family.
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